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Monster House Plans

Monster House PlansThe Monster House Plans website

Monster House Plans is a company which offers pre-made house plans in various styles and sizes. The house plans at Monster House Plans are ready to use and could save you a lot of money compared to starting to design your house from scratch with the help of an architect. Now the Plans are also available online on their excellent website. There are many useful features at their website, which will help you find your dream house.Plans is one of the leading companies in North America which provides thousands of house plans made by certified architects. Also,offers customization services for every house plan in order to make it just perfect for your needs. Here’s what else you can find on their website.

Monster House Plans Offer Choice Of 21 000 House Plans

The website offers the Monster Search to narrow down the choice of 21 000 house plans to house plans that suit your needs. On the Monster Search you can choose the number of levels you want, the range of square feet you want, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you need, and the number of garage stalls. Also, you can look for several plan types, such as single family, multi-family, garage and workshop, accessory structure, duplex, and garage with living space. Also, there is an advanced plan search. As you can see, the website has an excellent search engine which will help you find the house plans which suit your needs.

Another great feature on the website is that they offer consults with a licensed architect. He is there to clear up any unclear aspects of their house plans. Also, he can offer you advice about how you can customize some house plan and tell you if it is possible to incorporate your ideas into an existing house plan. But, with the amount of choices of house plans made by it is unlikely that you won’t find what you need ready-made. Monster House Plans offer thousands of house plans in 39 different house styles, such as beach house plans, French country house plans, log house plans, Victorian house plans, Tudor house plans, and many other styles. It’s up to you to choose how your house should look.

Monster House Plans Help Their Costumer

The website offers many features designed to help their customers. For example, there is a FAQ section and a suggestion box. Also Monster House Plans offers a service which will calculate the cost of building a plan accurately for a small fee. That way, not only will you know how the house will look and how to build it, but you could also find out on the website how much it would cost to be built. Because of their affordable house plans and useful customer services, Monster House Plans is one of the leading companies on the market. Get more information on the website and sign up for a free newsletter!

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